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Nov 26, 2020

Primary school teaching is most likely one of the least diverse professions in the country. In this episode I explore why this is the case. I don't think there are too many surprises as to why but what can we do about it?

Nov 19, 2020

Does it annoy you when someone who isn't a teacher calls themselves a teacher? If you're in any way sensible, it probably doesn't. In this, less-than-serious episode, I'll be taking a break from serious issues and trying to find out whether we should trademark the title of teacher, or change it to something better. Lead...

Nov 12, 2020

There are some terms that give any teacher the fear. Put the letters WSE together and you’ll get a wave of panic. Drive-by does something similar. Principals also have another term that brings the fear to them - it’s called a Section 29. In this episode, I’ll be arguing that if I were the Minister for Education,...

Nov 10, 2020

Back in March/April, most schools had come up with a plan for remote learning with the schools closed and all. It only took the Department of Education 6 months to come up with a circular for communication and remote learning. Here's my live reading of the circular, where I slip from apathy to outrage in 30 minutes.

Nov 6, 2020

It's probably be fair to say that education is no longer the sole function of primary schools these days. Over the last decade or so, schools have now taken on functions of meal-providers, counsellors, psychologists, occupational therapists, web safety gurus, sex educators, religious missionaries, dieticians, social...