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Jan 27, 2022

In Part 2 of this episode, I explain why Catholic Schools' Week is like having a Men Only Golf Club then celebrating Men's Week during the year. By the end of the episode I have a depressing realisation.

Jan 25, 2022

It's Catholic Schools' Week in Ireland. In the first part of this 2-part episode, I examine why there's a need for this annual celebration. It is close to the bone but nothing should be free from scrutiny.

Jan 20, 2022

Donagh O'Malley is often referred to as the greatest Minister of all time for introducing free second level education. Well, move over O'Malley, there's a new sheriff in the Ministirial chair!

Jan 14, 2022

We are also always being told that schools are supposed to be centres of communities, especially in rural areas. If that’s the case, then it follows that services such as broadband would be centred around these places. So in this episode, if I were the MfE, I would be making broadband hubs around schools.

Jan 3, 2022

It's Monday, 3rd January 2022. Schools are due to open in 3 days. There are over 20,000 cases of COVID19 per day going around. Shops are closing due to lack of staff. How are we going to reopen schools and keep them open?