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Feb 25, 2021

If there’s one way to rouse the inner nationalist in any citizen of this country, it’s to bring up the subject of Gaeilge in schools. The most laid back, chilled out, horizontal, mellow, easy-going person will suddenly rise up, turn greener than emeralds, pump his chest and stick fadas on every vowel in his name...

Feb 19, 2021

Before I even start, I realise that this episode will alienate a whole bunch of people. The reaction I’ll get to this episode will be more violent than any other episode I’ve covered so far. It seems I can rip apart the Catholic Church, the Union and others but this is probably the one that’s going to get me...

Feb 11, 2021

For the last decade, it has been next to impossible to get substitute teachers when someone is out of work. While there have been moves to address this issue in the last 3 years, in this episode I’ll be arguing that if I were the Minister for Education, I’d be properly resourcing supply panels.

Feb 4, 2021

After a month of bickering, taking sides and spinning public health advice, the unions and the DES got back to the table to try and partially reopen schools. Guidance was issued last night and I go through it page by page and figure out what has changed.

Feb 1, 2021

At first glance, if you read the INTO documentation, the new PSSA finally achieves pay equality and benchmarking for principals. However, very quickly you realise, it actually doesn't. In this slightly unscripted episode recording in late January, I try and chart my thought process and nail my colours to the mast by...